Random Photos

Here's some stuff I was shooting lately:

octopus plushie

and an experiment with some leftover oil from some pork stew:

oil lamp

The oil lamp was made from excess oil that was scooped out from the pork stew that we had for dinner (yum yum). The oil was to be thrown away, but I wanted to see if it can be used to fuel a simple oil lamp. So I ripped some fabric from an old piece of rag to become the wick, set it in the oil and lit the wick.

oil lamp

The oil lamp did light up and kept burning. But I had to fabricate a shield out of aluminium foil for the wick so that the flame did not burn out the whole wick to ashes. :)

Only problem was, the friendly neighbourhood cicak (house lizard) tried to eat the wick :P We found the wick outside the bowl the next morning (we snuffed out the lamp before going to bed so that it doesn't become a fire hazard).

Anyway, experiment worked :)


maslight said…
i sense some sotongism around...@_@

how did u get a clear background? O.O?
Chucky said…
How I got a clear background? Heh heh heh... I put the sotong into an alternate dimension (same place where Neo stores his guns in The Matrix).

Nah, it's a very simple setup. I'll post it up later, you'll be surprised how easy it is :D

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