Mini studio on a budget

Hi y'all boys and girls, it's time for another edition of the El-Cheapo DIY show *cough cough* OK enough of that corny intro.

Sometimes, we like to take pictures of small figurines or objects where we want the object to be in a field of white or black, just to make it stand out. Here's an example:

octopus plushie

or this:


Photo studios will have those pull-down backgrounds where you can change the scenery in a matter of seconds, but what I used is a simple method that anyone can use.

The equipment used in the shots above: manila card and some clips :D Here's how it looks:


I used part of a metal bed because I was using a magnet and a 30cm plastic ruler to keep the manila card in place. The most important thing is to make the manila card curl from the ground to the wall (or whatever 90 degree angle object you use). This will give the impression of an infinite background :P You need to have some way of pinning the manila card to the wall and the floor so that it doesn't flex away in some strange direction.

That's it!

A better option would be to use a frame to construct a tent, so you can drape white cloth over it to be a light diffuser. That would also make it portable, so you can bring it around to other places, in case your light source is far away :D


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