CSP movie outing

Whoa, just watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with a whole lot of people from CSP and thereafter had a bowling session at CPS Bowl. Yes, it's kinda confusing with all the acronyms and such heh heh...

The movie was (sad to say) only so-so. Yes the chipmunks were cute and all, but argh, lets just say the movie is a good one to entertain you when you really have nothing better to do.

Next, we went to have dinner at the Palm Square food court, and the after-dinner conversation centred around pulling teeth (no kidding!). Enough about that. :P

On to the bowling segment. It has been ages since I went bowling, and it really showed... I barely broke 100 points in my first game, even though I was helped by a misbehaving lane that allows you to keep throwing balls until all the pins are knocked down :P Second game was a little better, but not by much. At least I managed to get past 130 points heh heh...


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