Black and White Photography

I had a little brainwave with the following photo from the CSP Christmas Party:

It is a nice candid photo, but it does not have the Oomph... so I experimented with the various ways to convert this into black and white, and this is the result:

What I did was to split up the original RGB photo into its red, green and blue components. The red component seems the nicest, so that's the one I picked for the final photo. There are many other ways to change this to black and white, so your method may differ.

It looks kinda grainy, though... maybe I'll try more filters later.


maslight said…
the black and white haf a very nice feel to it...well dizzy's sis haf this classic look..imagine those chinese drama/movie with cheongsam? wooh!
Chucky said…
Ya, she has nice features.

We should get her to wear a cheongsam during CNY heh heh...

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