Trip to KL

Okay, it has been a busy week, not much time to update this place, but here goes: Last week I went to KL for CK's wedding dinner. It turns out that this was the THIRD wedding dinner after one in Sarawak and another in KL after the ceremony. Details of the trip are as follows:

Friday the 13th:
Original flight was scheduled to depart at 1810, but I received an SMS from Air Asia that the flight was rescheduled to 2115! Okay, so I can have a bit of dinner... Reached the airport terminal (Air Asia is currently using Terminal 2) at around 7:50 p.m. Checked in and walked around the place. There's no aircon waiting room to relax except for the departure hall, which we can only get into when our flight is about to be boarded.

It was raining cats and dogs when the time came to board my flight. We had to wait for the Air Asia ground crew to ferry the used umbrellas from the plane back to the waiting area using a wheelchair, so boarding took a while. Got in the plane with half my jeans damp because of the rain, but they dried out about 1 hour into the flight. Cold.

Ah, now we know why the flight tickets were so cheap. We had to buy our own food. Oh well, everyone knows that. I had to fork out RM10 for a packet of tuna spread and biscuits, and a soya milk packet drink. The tuna spread was OK, just that I ran out of biscuits long before I ran out of tuna spread.

Reached KLIA at around 12, or maybe slightly earlier, but by the time I got into the main building, it was too late to use the KLIA Express. So I had to take a taxi to Cititel. Taxi was a freaking RM86.40 because of the RM19 surcharge for rides past midnight. At least F was waiting for me at the lobby...

Saturday the 14th:
Had breakfast in the hotel. The venue of the breakfast was on the 5th floor, not the main restaurant on the ground floor. Food was not bad. After that walked around Midvalley while waiting for news from Gok. Then around noon we decided to take a taxi to Mines. Did quite a bit of shopping there before rushing back to the hotel for lunch (at 4 p.m.??!!) Tapaued some things from McD. Also got an iron and ironing board from housekeeping. So managed to get Gok to ferry us to the hotel where the dinner was being held, also stopped on the way to pick up Fiona.

At the hotel, met up with the rest of the gang from Uni. We were seated at quite a nice spot in Saujana's ballroom. We could see almost everything from our table without anyone blocking the view. The 8 course meal was not bad. Later we had a group photo session with all the Uni ppl that were present.

Later in the evening we adjourned to Sunway Piramid's Starbucks for some quiet time. We didn't want to go in the nightclub because it was too smoky and loud, plus the cover charge was RM50! I wonder why, but every time I drink one of those ice blended coffee, I tend to get nauseous. Well, Neng managed to get Sally to splurt out her drink by saying something funny, or stupid I think. Almost did the same thing to Fiona too, but she managed to hold it in. In the end he was our chauffeur back to the hotel.


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