Richard's wedding dinner

The dinner was held in Hyatt's Kimanis ballroom. Unfortunately our tables were towards the back of the ballroom. Most of the time we didn't know what was going on because the loudspeakers were concentrated at the front and middle of the ballroom. Terence was the MC for the toasting, and I had to help him plan out what to say during the "Yamseng" part. Luckily got some help from Ah Fui.

Food was OK-ish, but the lack of ventilation at our tables meant we were sweating after we had the soup. It seems the aircon duct above our heads was not funneling aircon at all. They finally got a stand fan to circulate the air behind us. Hold on to your hair! I didn't get to take any photos because we were seated too far from the stage. Must complain! :D


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