2nd day of Pesta Kaamatan. Any batteries?

Another day to rest and relax a bit before returning to work. Today we went to Rich's fren's shop in KK Plaza looking for battery for the Nokia 3210. The battery is not keeping much of a charge these days. When you make a call, the battery indicator shows full bar. A few seconds later, the low battery warning sound will beep. After finishing the call and letting the battery rest for a few minutes, the battery indicator goes back to full bar. I have a feeling the battery is going to die soon, since I have been using it for more than 2 years.

OK, back to the story: we went to the shop, but he wasn't in, so we asked the shop assistant about the battery. It seems that the battery can only last about 2-3 days, just like the current battery. We didn't think it was worth buying, so we went elsewhere.

I got me a new power extension cord from Milimewa in the middle of town. The cord is very short, only around 1.5 metres for the 5 gang type. Another thing is that you can directly poke your power pins into the live pin without having to push down on the earth pin. Kinda dangerous if you have kids around.


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