Another Life day 3 shoot

Day 2 was shot around Shaz's housing area, but nothing much really happened, so I'll just skip to Day 3 of the shoot.

Day 3's shoot consists of office scenes, so the set was at an office somewhere in the Taman Hilltop area.

More hijinks from the cast and crew:

Mr. Director adjusting the microphone boom:

Jna as an extra:

The protagonist (one of the versions, anyway):

Boss and confused protagonist: (oh ya, boss also kept messing up the lines, sorry...)


Joanna Lye said…
I spotted me in formal slippers. lulz
BOO said…
Wow.... whoever work with chucky (untung lor) Wakakaka........ chucky won't be a boss "garang". Look!! His smile......
Chucky said…
Cannot shoot much lah, or else my camera sound will also be captured in the video :P
Edgar said…
HEEEEY!! I know that office!
Rainer Yong said…
was a blast having you as my "boss" lol

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