Chinyit and Irene's wedding day

Today I attended Chinyit and Irene's nuptials. These two lovebirds decided to officially tie the knot today because today is an auspicious day to get married (so says the soothsayers, heh heh).

The things started off last night when we (a few of us buddies) did a recon mission to scope out the bride's residence. It turns out that I knew that road pretty well since I've travelled along it many times previously.

OK, then the wedding day itself. I woke up, had breakfast and reached the groom's parents' residence at around 8.00 a.m. The rest of the "rombongan" was already there having breakfast but I didn't join in since I've eaten. Luckily I brought along extra batteries because the official photographer brought along a bum set of discharged batteries. Oh well, at least the alkaline ones I got from Fotomat didn't go to waste.

OK, went off for the bride's house at around 8.30 a.m. in slight drizzle. Yup the sky was shedding water. Upon reaching the bride's residence, the chief negotiator (Titi) went to work.

After a lot of haggling and haranguing, the bridegroom's party managed to get the doors opened, and we finally get to see the bride in all her finery. Oh man, flash is important in these kinda situations, and I brought along the best that I have :D the Canon 580EX II. There was also a tea ceremony for the bride's side before everyone went back to the groom's house (in this case, groom's parents' house).

We reached the groom's house before 11.00 a.m. which was the stipulated time to be back. I don't know, I think there was some calculations involved in getting the time and date for this.

So the newlyweds went up to the bedroom to cool off while waiting for the tea ceremony to be set up. I managed to get a few nice shots up there, heh heh...

Tea ceremony was quite short, because there weren't many people to serve. After that, the family photo session was conducted.

I'll update this with pictures once I'm done processing them.


impedius said…
Would love to see the pictures!

Chucky, if you haven't, please visit
Chucky said…
Pictures will be up as soon as I can upload them :D

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