Low voltage

How's the weather in your area? Well, here in KK it's hot and wet (at least we're getting rain). But that's not what I want to blog about.

My house and a few houses around my housing area (my, that's a lot of houses) have been experiencing low power supply for the past few weeks. You can see it by the dim lights and the constantly flickering fluorescent lights that try in vain to fire up. Even some of the street lights cannot even reach ignition point.

So I was curious and decided to whip out my multimeter and take a reading of the power supply. I had to use my camera's flash because my room light refused to turn on due to the low voltage:

Waw, only 180 volts, no wonder the lights can't turn on. Usually it's between 220-240 volts. Luckily we still had some incandescent lights in the house, but they were quite dim, as if we set a dimmer on them.

There has been quite a number of power disruptions around the city, I guess it is because the power supply is being taxed to its limit? Or is there an alien invasion going on and they're slowly assimilating the infrastructure... LOL


maslight said…
Mine just a number of blackouts. When it's on half electricity. You can hear the light's sound turned on and off =_= so annoying.
Nex said…
Spread the word and vote BN out the next election. Pipel Powar!!!
KC Lee said…
You want to complain? Can sms or email me.
Chucky said…
The SESB techs came and did something a few days ago, and the voltage seems to be better.

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