Saturday night!

Yes! It's Saturday night, and it's time to sleep! Oh well, body still needs to recover from the @#$^*&! flu that's been going around. At least today I needn't pump myself full of fever medicine, but the calling of Morpheus is quite strong at this time.

Well, it is a bit of a relief to get all the marking done by today. Had to stay back until around 2:30 pm! Now all that is needed is to wait for meeting on Monday.

On another note, the restarant we usually go to eat in Kep. Ridge was smoky as ever, but their western menu seems to be not popular today (must be the heat). Most of the workers tending the western food stall were helping with other tasks in the restaurant. Slow day for them maybe. We didn't help either because we ordered dishes to go with rice.


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