My tripod lost its head

Not a very nice day today. My nice shiny Nikon tripod lost its head as you can see below. You can click on it for a closer view, but it's still not pretty. I was trying to use it this morning to take a few photos of myself setting up the computers for enrolment, and I was just wondering why one of the legs of my tripod is looser than the other two, when suddenly the top came off! Luckily I was holding on to my camera or else it would have been a heart and camera breaking fall. The rest of the tripod body is fine, since its made of metal, but of all the stupid things, the main body that holds the top part to the legs is made of plastic! I guess they didn't want to have the tripod last forever, so that after a year or so of use, it will just disintegrate on you, just like that. I'm not recommending this model to anyone. Ever.

This thing is supposed to be a Nikon. It looks like they never tested the product to the point of failure, or they did test it, but failing after one year is acceptible for them. Nothing lasts these days...

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