Final Celcom bill

Lets hope the browser doesn't crash again

Ahem!, So, my final Celcom bill has arrived. Yesterday. Ya. It came in on the 22nd of April. It was dated 3rd April. And it says please pay before the 25th of April. WTF?!!! So what the heck took so long for the bill to arrive at my post box? Well, there are two possibilities:

1. Celcom mailed the bill late
2. The post office was late in delivering it

Whatever the reason, the fact that I only received it as I got home from work means that I can only pay it on Monday, since I can't make it tomorrow. What, need to take emergency leave just to go pay a phone bill that has been terminated? Oh well, looks like I will be going to settle it on Monday.

A little background: I went to Celcom with dad on the 4th of April to terminate our phone lines, since Celcom is coming up with a slew of new packages for their post-paid customers.

At the time, the cheapest package was RM80 per month, which will net you 450 minutes of talk time, plus 30 "free" SMS per month. Now, they also stated that ALL postpaid customers would be migrated to the new plans automatically in May. SO this pushed the panic button. The reason being, our phone bills hardly creep over RM75, even with the access fee included in the charge. And with the new calling rates, our phone bills should be cheaper, since the new rates work out to around RM0.20 per call, or even less. Our current call charges are RM0.48/min during peak hours, and RM0.30/min off-peak. If you calculate our calls using the new rates, I would guess the call charges would fall below RM50, or even RM40.

So after careful consideration, we decided that our calling patterns would fit a prepaid plan better, so we decided it was time to jump ship. So, on the appointed day, I took half day leave to finally settle this thing. The girl at the Celcom counter tried to persuade us to stick to our current plans, because there was an unadvertised plan where the minimum charge is RM50 per month, which will get you I think 300 minutes of talk time and 20 free SMS per month. Now this is still a bit above our projected spending per month, so we decided to go ahead with the termination. We did not make her day.

After 4 years of being a loyal customer, what did I get? Spam SMS asking me to "sertailah peraduan XXXXXX dan menangilah YYYYYY" whenever some stupid competition comes around. I did not remember signing up to receive all this crap on my phone. There were some rebates given a few years back, but that was because I was raking up call charges of around RM150 to RM200 per month. Since then, my call patterns have changed, thus the migration to prepaid.

There was some misunderstanding when I was sending out my new number to all my contacts, but that is a story for another day.


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