Almost done with uncle's computer

After so many weeks, I finally got myself to do my uncle's computer. The only problem was that the computer does not detect the ISA modem, so I swapped it with one of my old PCI ones. Now it works like a charm. Next problem is whether the MPEG card still works or not. The work that went in to the computer:
1. CD-ROM drive swapped with the old Acer sitting doing nothing in my old room (this one is also a bit wonky, but useable)
2. Added the RAM from our old computer to uncle's computer, now that thing is running WIN95 with 32MB of RAM.
3. Hard disk reformatted and reinstalled Win95 inside.
4. All the old programs that I could find were burned into a CD-R, but I dunno what about the data files, because I'm not sure where they're located. I just threw everything into the CD-R.
5. Old ISA modem (33.6 K modem) taken out, put in the newer Genius 56K modem that Cat bought for our old computer last time. The ISA modem is very problematic to work with. It seems that the OS can't detect it, or the modem finally gave up the ghost, or the contacts on the ISA slot are not good. But then the ISA sound card and MPEG card seems to work fine...
6. Internet Explorer upgraded to version 5.5, didn't install the Netscape Gold that came with the CD. Too ANCIENT! Hmm, maybe I have to set up the POP3 mail as well. Ah, will do it later.


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