Midnight Umbrella

You might wonder what the heck I've been drinking to come up with the title of this post, but believe me, it was only water!

Bah, a few friends and I got together to experiment with some remotely triggered flashes and the biggest umbrella I could get my hands on: one of those golf umbrellas given out by BP last time. So, we wanted to emulate one of the pictures that Sakuya found off the internet, where the person was sitting down, holding an umbrella in a dark area, and the only illumination was from the flash bouncing off the underside of the umbrella.

Without further ado, I'll post up some shots to show you the result from our blood, sweat and gears:

Since we were shooting in an empty basketball court behind some houses, there was bound to be some stray light coming from the surrounding houses, and one set of lights had a sinister resemblance to a well-known predator:

More pictures will be uploaded soon...
(Click on the Read More link to err... read more)


Edgar said…
last pic is... *facepalm*
Nex said…
Is that an RM4.50 plastic chair jna was sitting on? >.<
Chucky said…
I don't know what's the price of the plastic stools, but they sure come in handy when we have guests in the house.

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