Joanna's surprise birthday celebration

This was cooked up a few days ago by a whole bunch of CSPians to give Joanna a surprise birthday party under the pretext of playing computer games (heh heh heh). Her birthday was not due for another few days, but we decided to celebrate it a bit earlier.

While the birthday girl was busy playing L4D2, the cake was brought in.

Just pictures:

Birthday girl blowing out the candles:

First present was a....

pak zham kai bi

chuuu before opening present

what is it?

shiny dark bracelet:

ok, she's doing the T_T oledi:

some kinda charm?

And the most dangerous thing of all: THE BIRTHDAY CAKE! (Courtesy of Nex)
The calories per serving were probably OVER NAIN THAUSAAAAND!

Abu explaining why there was no Sisters Of Battle anthem playing while the cake was brought in.

Awesome girl with awesome cake:

eating awesome spaghetti with awesome sauce:

and all of that will go to your paha!


maslight said…
kubek needs some paha shine?

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