Slowpoke day and retarded drivers

Hai, today I shall rant about slowpoke drivers.

While on my way back to work, I had to end up behind a lorry carrying lots of gas cylinders going towards Lido. I can understand this guy's case, since he's carrying heavy and unstable stuff, and he happens to be on the RIGHT lane going at 40km/h, sure, who wouldn't understand? Not much beef here.

But then, while going home after work, I had to meet 2 (yes, TWO) slowpokes on the road. First there was the slow driver, going between 30-40 km/h on the KK High School road (2 lane road; one coming, one going). OK so that is kinda close to a residential area, but there's no car in front of you for the next 100 metres or so! Can't you at least mozy up to 50 or 60 km/h ?

After exiting that stranglehold road, the driver above moved off to the fast lane on the main road and went on his/her way, I had to be stuck behind another slowpoke, also going 40-50 km/h on the main road. I didn't want to waste fuel trying to overtake the person because my turning was coming up and the returns of investing so much fuel for that short bit of overtaking would not be enough to justify the expenditure, so I just said to myself: "relax and reach home", which I did in one piece, thankfully.

So this brings me to this last dumb@$$ driver which I luckily didn't bump into in KK. I was returning home after doing some errands in town and was turning at a roundabout, when suddenly a red Kenari flashed past in front of me from the road on the LEFT. As you drivers out there should know, in Malaysia (where we drive on the left side of the road), you should always give way to the cars coming from the RIGHT, but this dumb@$$ didn't seem to even slow down when approaching the roundabout. Luckily I was not accelerating any faster or else that driver would have crashed into the left of my car.

Anyway, thank God nobody was hurt today. Just remember readers, be careful when on the road, for you do not know when dumb luck or dumb@$$-ness will strike...


maslight said…
AHHAHAHAHA omg, I dun have patience for slowpoke driver *sweat. *highlight highlight.
niuge1 said…
Apa boleh buat... i met these asses with no holes punya org everyday. Fast lane.. slow lane... they make their own way. 2 lanes oso can become 3 lanes pun ada. ehehe.... Wei.. belated = Gong Xi Fa Cai. Bila nak bawak bini tinggal di KK?
Chucky said…
Bini still in training, so have to wait 1st, and Gong Hee Fatt Choy to you too!

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