Happy placeholder

Happy new year (Gregorian calendar), Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Lent (which is more about penance, not happiness) and Happy Chap Goh Mei (which just passed on Sunday).

This blog is rusting, just like my brain.

I'm almost done with the HobbyCon 2009 photos, so bear with me a little longer...

I dunno why, but I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Going back and forth, back and forth but ultimately not moving anywhere at all.

Is it time for a change? But how? Brain transplants haven't been perfected yet, so I can't change that part.

Maybe a change of scenery, or maybe it's just because my body needs endorphins? Who knows unless they analyse my blood and tell me what's missing?

Oh well, time to sleep.

And oh yeah, I think my blood rusts more than my brain, since it has a higher iron content.


TS Lim said…
Try doing something completely different? Something that breaks your current habit and schedule. Might work heh. Like watching charlie
Chucky said…
oh sure, that would probably push me off the deep end, and i'll probably meet the snowman at the bottom of the sea that guards charlie's kidney...
maslight said…
Looks at "I'm almost done with HobbyCon photos" wadda. Punya slowpok XP

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