My pics were used in where?

Good day readers.

I was going through my photobucket stats when I saw quite a lot of my pics were being referenced by a website in the Czech Republic (I think, since the Top Level Domain ending was .cz).

So, I hopped over like a rabbit in a waistcoat, lo and behold, my pictures were staring back at me as if they did something wrong...

Google translated page is here.

My first reaction was: OK, maybe someone liked the photos so much they posted some of them. But when I scrolled through the whole post, the person hijacked most of the photos from this post of mine.

I scanned the page a few times, and did not see any link tracking back to my blog post. So I can only assume this was done by a little girl or a pedo who likes to grab photos without authorisation or acknowledgement.

So, does anyone know how to speak Czech?

Update (23/03/2010) : Seems that after one of my cosplayer friends posted a comment on that particular blog post demanding that they get rid of the offending post, the blog owner did comply with the request. So at least I can say the person(s) is gracious enough to do as requested.


maslight said…
HAHAHAHHAHAHA oh man, I dunno how to react to that. Maybe your blog ada sense of pedo LOL
Chucky said…
Dunnolah, I'm kinda honoured and annoyed at the same time.

I don't mind if the person links back to me blog, but I cannot detect any traces of any link.
niuge1 said…
at least ur name is still on ur photos.
人形姫 said…
ahhh nooooooo, i did not done my make up well and it post somewhere outside >.< i demand this person to delete my pictureeeee T_T
i feel very degraded
Anonymous said…
Not a pedo here. Trying to sew an Alice costume for cosply in the US (Animazement in May). Not a fantastic sewer, but wondered where your Alice got her pattern/dress. Thanks. Madison.Juno in North Carolina, US

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