Streamyx woes

Had some technicians come over to replace the SDSL modem at the office because the old one was giving problems. When trying to install the new modem, it does not want to sync with DSLAM, dunno why. So at the end of the day we still used back the old one. To be continued tomorrow, but read on to know what happened in between.

The fun part was when the techs were trying to set up the replacement modem to our line: when trying to ask them about where to input the internal IP for the modem because I want to connect it to our LAN, they were blur-blur, saying all I need to do was to sambung the modem to a router. How am I supposed to fix the modem to a router if I don't know the bloody IP? DUH!!!! I didn't want to argue too much because I just donated blood today. I was afraid I'm gonna puke blood instead if I asked them too many questions.

OK, after a while, resetting the modem to factory configurations, and finally getting the internal IP fixed to something that looked like an internal IP (the techs actually put the external IP in the modem's LAN IP!!!), we tried the web interface. WOW! that was an eye opener for the techs (well, one of them anyway) because they didn't RTFM and find out about the web interface. OK, tried fiddling with the settings in there but the modem still doesn't want to sync with the DSLAM. They fiddled some more but still no good. They said they would try change the new modem to another one to see if the problem was the same. I asked them to come back tomorrow because we were gonna shut the labs by 5pm, and I had dancing practice later.

One thing to note: the new modem that was gonna be the replacement was the first to be installed in Sabah, and that was the first time the techs had to install one. Wheee! I will only rejoice if they manage to get it working.

As for the tech's networking skills, I would think they were not properly trained to do networking, especially TCP/IP. So I guess that would earn them the title of n00bs.


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