Crazy Saturday

OK, today was a hectic Saturday for everyone. First, I had the job as Cameraman for the Talentime. The first camera I used was the Canon A400 from SAO to snap pics of the performers. The camera had a very slow response, compared to my A70. Everytime you take a picture, the pic will show a while on the LCD screen for a 1 second preview, and then the screen goes blank while the file is written to the SD card. This operation takes wuite a while, prolly around 2-3 seconds. The waiting time was even longer if the flash was used. So my recommendation: DO NOT BUY THE A400!!!

Anyway, back to the subject. Everyone had a blast. The winners convincingly won their prizes, and there was a performance by the kids from the Rumah Bakti Harapan. Later in the afternoon there was one performance apiece from the two schools. Both were dances, SOBAL was dancing to YMCA (by the Village People?) and SOCIT was danceing to the tune of September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Yours truly was the only representative from INSO to take part, and naturally got roped in by those fellas in the computing school. Well, they want something to remember, then I gave them an eyeful.


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