Warhammer 40000 at Just Wargame

Alrighty then... for all you Warhammer 40,000 nuts out there (specifically in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah), a shop catering to this hobby has just been drop-podded on to Karamunsing Capitol (next to Komplex Karamunsing). Called Just Wargame, it offers games, miniatures painting lessons, books and more, hence it is poised to become the command centre for this game here in KK, after the initial squad died of old age many years ago.

Here's a mug shot of the owner, Oliver:

For the uninitiated, Warhammer 40,000 is a turn-based strategy game where 2 or more armies (represented by using miniatures) try to kill each other, or win a preset objective on the battlefield (usually a large table adorned with specially built terrain and models). For more in-depth explanation, please use a search engine of your choice to dig up the relevant information, thank you.

Here's a bunch of Smurfs, I mean Ultramarines, one of the many companies of Space Marines in this game:

A normal game usually has an army point limit, meaning you can only include units into your army up to a certain limit, for example 2000 points. Each unit or squads is worth a number of points, so if the game is a 2000pt game, then your army can have units that add up to not more than 2000 points.

Last Sunday, a Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse game was run from 1 p.m. until the cut-off time of 6 p.m. The main difference between an Apocalypse game and a normal game is that the Apocalypse game has no point limit. You can bring your WHOLE collection of Warhammer miniatures and lay them out on the battlefield. This doesn't mean the player who has fewer minis will be at a disadvantage. No, the total points for each army will still need to be known, and the one with less points will be given extra resources to balance out the playing field.

So, the players came out in full force:

and so did their minis:

This bunch of yellow space marines (nicknamed the DiGi Marines) were most unfortunate, because almost everyone was picking on them:

Even papa Nurgle came for a walkabout:

For the report on the battle, please click here.

Here's the first hand account of the battle from the commander of the yellow space marines, koby.

Hope to be seeing ya, heh heh heh heh...


Daniel said…
It's leechin' time!

*Power Ranger pose*
Chucky said…
Eeee.. I didn't know you were into power rangers... *facepalm*
Those are some awesome paint jobs there!
Flekkzo said…
I like the yellow marines. I play Imperial Fists so I am no stranger to the color yellow:)

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