Sunday, 27 July 2008

Another Life day 9 shoot

I skipped Day 8 because of Lousy Photo Syndrome :P

Day 9 was the last day of shooting, and it took up the whole of Sunday last week (20 July). First up were the shots in City Mall:

According to Shaz the Director, part of the condition of allowing the shoot inside City Mall (Vedablu ice cream shop to be exact) was to get an exterior shot of the front entrance. Free advertising lah konon :D

Here is one of the scenes shot inside the shop that we pinjam:

I shoot you, you shoot me:

Which then was punctuated by a HobbyCon Meeting in Kompleks Asia City (change of location). This was not part of the movie shoot lah...

Later on we moved the shooting location to one of the cast's house:

"Dude, I'm not who you're looking for!"

"WAIT!!! You're not supposed to slap her, silly!!!"
(Note: No humans nor animals were harmed in the production of this movie)

"You hurt her! Now you're gonna get it!!!"

OK, after that shot in the evening, there was a small shoot in KAC, then everyone moved to City Mall for the final shoot. After wrapping the shoot in City Mall, everyone had a late supper in Pizza Hut, and you can see who were the hungry ones :D



(Whoops, this shot was still in Vedablu heh heh...)

Well, that's a wrap. Now all we have to do is wait for the post production to be complete and then we'll see the fruits of our labours.


Sir George said...


IRTeA said...

Hahahaahahah I love the Dino shooting George's pic XD

Chucky said...

Glad you liked the DinoShot(TM) Heh heh...

I have another idea for the photo involving Joj and Rina in Jason's shop, but I'll have to see when I can do the editing for that one :D

Bev said...

the Dino shooting George was hilarious !!great job on the edit cool..haha!