HobbyCon 2008 Day 1

Welcome to HobbyCon 2008

Oh boy where do I start? OK, since you all need the group photos, so that's the ones I will process out heh heh...

Click on the thumbnail pictures for the larger version:

Here's the group photos for day one. Pictures of Cosplayers will be forthcoming.

Cosplayers Committee

Here's the president himself: Mr Cubex.

Some of the maids getting ready for maid cafe:

One of the maid's pointy stick:

Moar maids:

Mika and Massy:

A few people admiring the comic strips:

Nerdpride's army also made an appearance:

Hangmen warily eyeing a young member of the crowd, heh heh:

There were many booths taking part in HobbyCon 2008, among them was the 1/6 figurines booth as shown above, then there were others like:

The Gempak/ Team DayDreamers comic booth:

IT Station:

Carcasean (specialising in board games):

Magic: The Gathering tournament (not really a booth per se)

A maid cafe:

Gamer Concept (demonstrating the Sony PS2, among other things)

and Moe Yumi figurine stall (these were just for demo, from a private collector's collection), but they were selling other cute figurines:

will update this later... now i must zzzzzz....


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