Congrats Gokula and Mohana

I just came back from KL, attending Gokula's wedding in PJ. He got hitched to Mohana (a very lovely lass, tall too!) last Sunday, 14th December in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in the morning, which was then followed by a lavish dinner reception at night.

Here's some sniper shots I made during the ceremony in the wedding hall:

Congrats to the lovely couple:

Here's their walk-in part of the ceremony:

Look at the horde of photographers, official and unofficial:

Washing of the feet:

There was even a "kolam" at the entrance of the wedding hall:

Later that night, we attended the dinner at a nice hotel, and during the bride and groom's entrance, they were escorted in by a pair of bagpipe players! I kid you not! Too bad I didn't shoot them...

The newlywed pouring the champagne:

Gokul giving his maiden speech as the bridegroom:

All in all it was a grand occasion, and I managed to meet up with a few old friends from university. The only downside is: they keep asking me when's my turn... :P


maslight said…
waw...u're very far

during the dinner
Chucky said…
I was lazy to go in front and fight with the official photographers for shooting space, plus I also did not want to add to the wall of bodies blocking the view of the other guests...
LeeHng said…
Merry Xmas! Ho Ho Ho! :D
Wishing you a happy new year!

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