Banana Moth

My parents found this in our back garden the other day (a few weeks ago actually) but I haven't had time to blorg about it.

According to my folks, this is a banana moth, quite partial to banana trees. And I can tell you this thing is huge! The wingspan is probably more than 15cm (ya, longer than your school ruler).

Here's a shot of it without flash:

And here's one with flash:

This guy was just sitting there while I was fiddling with my camera and tripod, not to mention 1/2 kg of flashes.


I wish I had a real macro lens... so I can actually go closer than this: (this was cropped)


Next item: macro lens?

P.S. All these shots were made using the kit lens, which goes to show that the kit lens of the Canon 400D is not that bad, if you know how to use it :D


impedius said…
Thats one amazing looking moth!
Chucky said…
Thanks. I'm just capturing the images of what God designed.
Chucky said…
I think it was dying, or else it wouldn't have been sitting there all the while.

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