So many budu drivers

Why is it today I met so many strange drivers on the road?

Scene 1:
While waiting at the junction in the left lane that says "Give way" (you know, the triangle was painted on the road) a car in front of me was waiting for the traffic light to turn green then he/she will move. C'mon lah, it was a beri jalan lane, so if there's no traffic, you can go out. After waiting more than 10 seconds for the guy to move, someone behind me decided to sound the horn to move, and luckily he/she did move out of the junction after that.

Scene 2:
While waiting at another traffic light, the car in front of me was slowly drifting back!!! I thought the driver would have realised her car was drifting, or that the car would settle into a depression on the road but NOOOOO.... it came closer, and closer...Until I estimate there was about a foot left of clearance, then I sounded my horn. Well, she stopped her car in time, or else I would have to reverse. Luckily there was no car behind me at the time.

Scene 3:
While turning into a junction (a right turn), some gasshole decided to overtake me from the LEFT! Ya, sure you have the momentum, but that is plain dangerous driving! I can't remember what make of car it was, but I think it was a maroon Unser.

Oh well, that's my rant for today.

How have you been driving lately?


maslight said…
I've been driving a lot lately and yes I meet budu drivers almost everyday
impedius said…
I'm feeling you buddy. More and more KK drivers are evolving into budu drivers. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....
Chucky said…
There are more and more budu drivers around, and sometimes their buduness is infectious.

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