A fishy outing

Argh, working on a Saturday is not fun... but one redeeming point for today was that I had a lunch outing with a bunch of friends at Fish & Co. in Warisan Square.

I had the New York Fish and Chips which cost RM16.90 (without tax) and I ordered a cup of tomato juice (RM5.50 before tax). The fish and chips was generously portioned, but the tomato juice could have been a bit bigger...

Anyway, after lunch, a few of us went to Fotomat (a camera shop) in Center Point to ask about the price of Canon's latest entry-level DSLR, the 450D. Luckily John was in, I've dealt with him previously and he's a really friendly and helpful guy, and the important thing is: he know his stuff around DSLRs.

Me n Jasmine
Here's a shot of Jasmine and me (well, she insisted...) Her take on the outing can be found here

After getting a quote for Doridori on the 450D, I enquired about a few other things, including: 580EX II flash and a few macro lenses. All of this is gonna kill my budget for the next few months if I get them all now :P

We tested the 580Ex II flash along with my 430EX as the slave, and the wireless function works nicely. Now I'm reaaaaaly gonna go back and get the flash as soon as possible...

You can see my hand on the left holding the flash behind her to give the backlit hair effect. Doridori shot this and the one above :D


jasmine said…
YAY! this post featured meeee!

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