Gayang Seafood outing

Oh, I had a fun outing to eat seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant (err... I wonder if this is the proper name of the place) yesterday. It is situated quite near to Salut Seafood Restaurant (another place / rival, maybe?) in Menggatal.

First off, I was kinda late knocking off from work (around 1:30pm) because there was a function going on at school. So I went to City Mall to pick up a couple of people (Fallenone and Dizzy, yay she's back, for the moment) and we went on our merry way.

Getting to Gayang was kinda easy with Fallenone's guidance, and upon reaching there we found that Hellstorm (Hellbear!) Sleepywolf and Dxtremex already had their fill (burp?). This was past 2pm.

OK, time to meet our food. We had steamed prawns, Tung Fung Lo (literal translation: East wind snail?) and some kinda crab? I can't recall... Oh, and one plate of fried meehoon.

Later, Doridori, Mas and Kuma-chan came and completed the circle of eating, and Mas ordered the target of her entire trip: Fried soft shell crab. Not bad, the fried whachamacallit floss (izzit butter?) surrounding the crabs was kinda oily, but nice.

After the feasting, everyone went their separate ways, and I had trouble eating dinner after that because we finished eating seafood at around 4pm. Talk about a long lunch.

Some of the group that went eating :D

For more food pictures, go and look at Maslight's take on it.


Rozella said…
Hey Chucky. Am passing thru from Maslight's blog. Glad you guys had tons of fun! :) The food looks beyond yum!

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