Coincidence or higher power at work?

Wow, this blog is gathering dust, I should really update more, but too busy and too wiped out most days to blog on anything.

Anyway, I'll just relate an incident that happened to me this afternoon:

Background: First of all, there was a function going on at work at around 11 something in the morning, and they had some catered food for the attendees. One kind hearted soul decided to send some food down to us at the IT department since there was some extra, but unfortunately I already went home for lunch. When I got back to the office, there was a plate of mee and some cakes on my table, waiting to be eaten. Too bad I was stuffed to the brim to eat anything.

At first, there were some thought of "Aww, crap. What am I gonna do with this food, since I can't eat any more? Am I gonna have to dump these into the rubbish bin?". But later, a thought struck me: "Hey, maybe I can give this to someone who hasn't eaten lunch..."

So I went over to the school hall (I had to be the photographer during the PTA meeting today) hoping to bump into someone who was hungry, and lo and behold, I met the school gardener who was just about to take a lunch break. So I asked her if she's eaten lunch, and she said she's gonna have the half cup of white jelly as her lunch. So... I offered her the plate of mee which was sitting on my table in my office. She said OK, so I trudged all the way back to my office and grab the plate of mee for her. So my main problem for the day was solved. The small cakes that were part of the lunch package was taken home to be eaten at a later time, bwahahaha...

So, was it coincidence, or did the Big Guy in heaven plan all of this out? I would think it was the latter.


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