Canon 400D

Ah, today is the day I finally got enough guts to go buy the camera that I've been drooling about since its earlier models came out: the Canon EOS 400D Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera.

Went to Fotomat at CPS ground floor to play around with the camera before making my final decision, but, argh, what the hell, might as well buy from these fellows since they have an offer with another lens attached.

OK, the whole shebang is as follows:

  • Canon 400D body

  • 18-55mm kit lens

  • 55-200 mm telephoto lens

  • Keep brand UV filters for each lens (so now I have 2 filters)

  • LCD screen protector

  • 2GB Kingston CF card

  • Camera bag

  • err, Rm2 parking fee?

So total damage was around RM4100+

The guy who attended to me did show me a Tamron 18-200mm wide to telephoto lens, but the lens did not produce pictures as sharp as the Canon lenses, plus if I took that Tamron lens instead of the 2 lenses I have now, the whole package would come to around RM4300 or more.

When it came to selecting a bag to keep all my goodies, he first showed me a black one with beige trimmings, but after prompting he agreed to exchange it with a fully black one. He later confided with me that the bag with beige trimmings was quite unsellable, heh heh, since everyone preferred the full black experience. Bwahahaha!

P.S. Looks like I was too late to go to the ClickStartPlay get-together, since it was at around 2 something, and I was still at work... Oh well, there's always a next time.


maslight said…
wuah *drools~

damn~ that would take me few months salary *uhuk uhuk~
Chucky said…
Yaloh. Now have to use it verry carefully. My Precioussssss...
maslight said…
ahhhhahahahahahah...go get some shots n post it...*obsessed

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