Biawak in kitchen

Today we had an unexpected visitor in our house: meet Mr. Biawak (monitor lizard?).

This fellow was in our house kitchen searching for food when I surprised it while it was foraging in the rubbish bin. I didn't see it at first, but it made a lot of noise when it panicked when I entered the kitchen and tried running away from me. Unfortunately there was a wall in the way, so the stupid biawak was scratching the walls trying to get away from this "monster".

By the time I manage to grab my camera and took some pictures, it was hiding underneath the place where we dry the pots and pans. If you look at the picture, there is a small patch of something in front of the lizard. I suspect the thing vomited when it panicked, because the kitchen started smelling funny after that. The smell was of something rotting, or faeces (yuck!!!). I was trying not to breath while I was shooting and trying to chase it out of the hiding place.

We finally chased it out using a PVC pipe and a broom, and it scurried out of the open kitchen door back into the back garden. We suspected it came in through the front door of the house, since that was the only one open at the time. We also had to mop up the whole place, because we didn't know where the lizard stepped...


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