I want POWER!!!

As the title says, I want POWER! The electrical kind. It seems that after something blew up at the substation sometime about 6 or 7 days ago (according to the SESB people) my housing area has been hit by frequent and annoying power blackouts. Sometimes the duration would be around half an hour, sometimes 10-15 minutes.

Whatever it is, it's interrupting everything here. We have to be prepared with torchlights in pockets in case the next power outage hits while we are doing something that needs visibility. Even my UPS is powerless (pun intended) to prevent my computer from shutting down when the outage hits. (Probably not enough juice, since i'm running a PC and a 17" CRT monitor off the same UPS, but that's another story)

I just hope they can fix whatever needs to be fixed. It is getting very annoying having to shut down your computer at 5 a.m. in the morning because the UPS is beeping.

***Update 4 Oct 2005***
The past few days seem to be better, no sudden power outages or anything. So lets hope this continues...


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