Happy Halloween and poking my eyes

As the title says, this is the day when witches get their hair permed. Then they go fly around in their broomsticks to dry it out. It also marks the 3rd week (I think) of me poking my eyeballs. Yes, the scourge of using contact lenses has afflicted me. Personally, I find them too uncomfortable for daily use in an air-conditioned environment. They tend to dry out too fast. A quick walk outside can help ease off the blurness, but it would resume as soon as I walk into the office.

Anyway, my main purpose of getting contacts is so I can participate in sports where the environment is hazardous to the integrity of my spectacles. Sports like basketball (had one too many po-piangs) or maybe even martial arts (my belt is turning white because of fungus).

Oh well, I've ordered about 6 pairs, that should last me around a few years :D


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