Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Congrats Gokula and Mohana

I just came back from KL, attending Gokula's wedding in PJ. He got hitched to Mohana (a very lovely lass, tall too!) last Sunday, 14th December in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in the morning, which was then followed by a lavish dinner reception at night.

Here's some sniper shots I made during the ceremony in the wedding hall:

Congrats to the lovely couple:

Here's their walk-in part of the ceremony:

Look at the horde of photographers, official and unofficial:

Washing of the feet:

There was even a "kolam" at the entrance of the wedding hall:

Later that night, we attended the dinner at a nice hotel, and during the bride and groom's entrance, they were escorted in by a pair of bagpipe players! I kid you not! Too bad I didn't shoot them...

The newlywed pouring the champagne:

Gokul giving his maiden speech as the bridegroom:

All in all it was a grand occasion, and I managed to meet up with a few old friends from university. The only downside is: they keep asking me when's my turn... :P

Friday, 12 December 2008

Another Life movie premier

Today was the premier of the movie Another Life that was shot earlier this year starring the CSPians.

It was supposed to be a funny story about an average Joe named Haikal who experiences mysterious changes in his life, all of which is tied to a strange rock that he bought at a 2nd hand items shop.

Anyway, hope it gets published soon :D on youtube :P

Monday, 8 December 2008

HobbyCon 2008 Day 2

Group pictures first:
Sorry for the lousy version, this is the one with the most people inside. Earlier ones don't have everyone, and even this one pun missing some booth owners :P

Group photo

HobbyCon 2008 Day 1

Welcome to HobbyCon 2008

Oh boy where do I start? OK, since you all need the group photos, so that's the ones I will process out heh heh...

Click on the thumbnail pictures for the larger version:

Here's the group photos for day one. Pictures of Cosplayers will be forthcoming.

Cosplayers Committee

Here's the president himself: Mr Cubex.

Some of the maids getting ready for maid cafe:

One of the maid's pointy stick:

Moar maids:

Mika and Massy:

A few people admiring the comic strips:

Nerdpride's army also made an appearance:

Hangmen warily eyeing a young member of the crowd, heh heh:

There were many booths taking part in HobbyCon 2008, among them was the 1/6 figurines booth as shown above, then there were others like:

The Gempak/ Team DayDreamers comic booth:

IT Station:

Carcasean (specialising in board games):

Magic: The Gathering tournament (not really a booth per se)

A maid cafe:

Gamer Concept (demonstrating the Sony PS2, among other things)

and Moe Yumi figurine stall (these were just for demo, from a private collector's collection), but they were selling other cute figurines:

will update this later... now i must zzzzzz....

Friday, 5 December 2008

HobbyCon 2008 preparation


I went to Kompleks Asia City today to help out the pre-HobbyCon setup. The setup crew did have to wait a while for the tables and chairs to arrive because the management could only release the said furniture at around 8pm. Fortunately the tables and chairs arrived before that, so work started a bit earlier.



Here's some more volunteers setting up a display rack:


So hope to see you there on 6th and 7th December 2008 at Kompleks Asia City, the middle part, you can't miss it :D