New computer parts purchase

Went out today to get me another hard disk. The place to get computer stuff was of course Kompleks Karamunsing. I got me a 320 GB Hitachi Deskstar SATA hard disk (RM 228), along with a cheap Logitech mouse (RM29). So far, the formatting of the new hard disk is taking quite a long time, since I had to format 300+ Gigs of empty space.

The reason for getting the hard disk was because of shrinking space on my 160GB hard disk, as for the mouse, lets just say my old mouse is showing its age. The left mouse button does not click properly nowadays, and it is getting frustrating to click on something and nothing happens, or sometimes a single click was interpreted as a double click.

Warranty for the hard disk is 3 years, and 1 year for the mouse. Lets hope nothing goes wrong with either one.


Tradewind said…
might want to get another harddisk to do like mirroring for all your photos man. i even installed a 120mm fan right infront of my 3 SATA HDD to stop them from cooking in the afternoon heat
Chucky said…
Ya, backup is important, since we don't know when a hard disk will just konk out.

Hmm, I need to do some cutting on my side panel...

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