I went to the KDCA-ISCEP Concert held at Hongkod Koisan, KDCA Penampang today. The theme for the concert was: Peace Through Culture.

I went there with Edgar a.k.a. Doridori, and we managed to get the free tickets. The first 100 tickets were free, so we went early (early by Sabah time standards) and managed to get a few of the remaining tickets. Ooh, a little correction here. The first 100 tickets were SPONSORED by a kind Datuk. (Thanks for the correction, Jasmine!) Big Thank You to the Datuk!

Dori was supposed to do a write up of the story, so I'll link you to him when he's good and ready.

Pics, erm later ah, need to process banyak-banyak pics...


jasmine said…
They're not free tickets, they are SPONSORED tickets. Please correct that. :)

Lets just say some nice Datuk sponsored the tickets. LOL.
Chucky said…
OK, thanks for the clarification Jasmine.

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