Tax time again

I went to fill in my tax form today at the Inland Revenue Board building next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Since I went after 6 pm, there weren't many people in there. Downstairs was closed, since they do the collection downstairs, and they only collect during office hours. Took me about 10 minutes of waiting, and another 5 minutes of filling up the online form before submitting.

The reason I went there instead of doing it online at home was because I was not sure what exact figure to put in for the income. Last year, I think the lady who guided me through the process included the employer's contribution into my income, that's why my income amount was a weird number. Frankly I didn't know what last year's lady was doing with the calculator...

Anyway, this year was quite straight forward, no fancy calculator gymnastics or anything. And if you really must know, I don't qualify to be taxed.

Until next year...


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