KK Freeze

OK, everybody FREEZE!

Freeze at City Mall

No, this is not a stick up, heh heh. This was an event in City Mall tonight. Everyone was supposed to freeze for 5 minutes in conjunction with World Earth Day.

Everyone was supposed to freeze and not move a muscle for the duration. They had to stay in whatever pose they're doing for the duration so some people tried walking mid-stride, some tooke the easy way and leaned on pillars (you know who you are), some were using gadgets like portable game players, some even held flowers :D

The organiser (Doridori, pictured below) had the help of the City Mall management to organise the Freeze, which was also held in KL at the same time.

Here's the group photo of some of the Freezers:

There's more coverage here at Jacq's site.


maslight said…
XD nice! lets do it again

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