Problem updating Adobe Lightroom CC (2015)

For anyone who stumbled around trying to look for a solution.
WARNING! This is a kludge solution. Try this at your own risk.

Problem: Updating Lightroom resulted in an error box with the contents:

Unable to extract downloaded file. Press Retry to try again. Error Code: U44M1I210.

Readers can visit this page on which has a thread where other users who got the same error posted more details and workarounds.

My workaround was slightly different. In my case, when looking at the installation progress window, it stops at 50% and pops out the error above.This means there was something wrong with the downloaded version of the installation file. So I got to poking around and found the installation file at this location:

and deleted the setup.exe file.  

I then re-ran the "Check for App updates" function and it redownloaded a working copy of the setup file. Installation proceeded without any problems after that.


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