D3 installation almost done

Hi all boys and girls (and humans), looks like this baby is almost done:
If you're downloading the game from the Internet (around 8GB+ worth of game files, 15GB+ when installed) you can actually start playing when the downloads finish off the first segment. That's when it finishes the Setup phase and enters the Playable phase. I'm guessing it downloads the game files first, leaving the cinematics for later. You can see an earlier screenshot in this post.

I've also received the box from Joanna who grabbed the stuff from the Poslaju HQ herself since she got pissed off because they did not deliver the parcel to her AT ALL.

Anyway, let's have a few shots of the box itself:
When you open her up, you'll get some nice box art:
Inside AND out:
Let's take a look at the content, shall we?
Those cards on the upper left are guest passes for Diablo 3 (three of them) and the last one is for World of Warcraft. The Diablo 3 guest passes allows the guest to play until you kill King Leoric in Act 1, so it's more like a demo or preview to reel in more victims, err customers. Same thing for the WoW guest pass, it only allows you to play until level 20. Both have limitations on what you can do in-game.

Along with the guest passes, we also have the game DVD (lower left), a small Getting Started manual (lower, middle ground), a notepad (white rectangle on lower right) as well as a redemption card for pre-orders (wait, this one was not in the box, and I think it doesn't do anything anymore).

As far as players go, everyone seems to be rushing into the North America servers, even though the ping is terrible since we're on the other side of the world. I guess the frustration of over 12 years of waiting is driving everyone nuts.

I still have two Diablo 3 guest passes left to give out, in case anyone wants a taste of King Leoric's nasty zombified hand...


Anonymous said…
I totally envy you, the set looks beautiful.

I can't afford the game right now, but I'd love to play.

I would make great use of the free pass and I'd be extremely grateful for all time :).

I figure I have nothing to lose by asking.

my non-private e-mail: afrodude12@hotmail.com

This would really make my day,
Anonymous said…
can i get one guest pass pls?
Mas Light said…
Fckyeah! Dumb poslaju delay/ don't send, pissed the wrong person lol.
Alien Bob said…

I would be very pleased if you could spare a guest pass for me -



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