Twilight: New Moon

Today marks the 1st day of fasting for Muslims this year. Yes, Hari Raya is 1 month away, so happy fasting to all my Muslim friends and family members, wherever you are.

Anyway, the title of this post is in reference to what I viewed today when I returned home from work. The sun had already set and the bulan sabit (crescent moon) was hanging in the sky near the hill that has the RTM transmission tower. So I grabbed my trusty camera and the longest lens I could find, and snapped a few shots. Getting a nice angle was a pain, since there were so many TV antennae and telephone wires crisscrossing my view. After running in and out, climbing a car or 2, I finally got a no-so-bad shooting angle from a bedroom window upstairs.

By the time I got to my vantage point, most of the light had faded from the dusk sky. And this was the least sucky photo I could find.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that photo, and if you came in here expecting some kind of movie or book review of a certain vampire fantasy franchise, I'm sorry but you just got...


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