Blur blur fellow

Hi and welcome to a ranting post.

I've been getting missed calls and stupid SMSes from a mobile phone number for the past few weeks that has left me feeling very annoyed. The missed calls I didn't answer, because they usually end before I could  answer the phone. The SMSes were usually addressed to someone named Nor, and the SMSes seem to be asking to want to know this "Nor" better.

This afternoon, the guy decided to send an MMS to me with his mug, possibly trying to impress this "Nor". See below:
The picture seems to be taken in some kinda workshop. After I received this MMS from him, I tried calling this number, but no one answered. Then I tried sending an SMS telling this fellow that I was not who he thought I was, and hopefully it got through, since he did send a "sorry" SMS after that.

So, for those guys who want to get a girl's number, please make sure it is the correct number before you show up at your first date and end up meeting with someone bigger and hairier than you (and his friends).



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