Streamyx OK?

Alright, I switched off my modem this morning on my way to work after leaving it on for the weekend. Results from the weekend: no disconnection at all since Saturday, and today is Thursday, so around 5 or was it 6 days without disconnection.

Now, having just switched on the modem after returning from work (around 5:30pm), it seems to be fine, and I hope it is fine. I think they (TM) tried calling me today, but I was unable to answer my phone in time before it got routed to voicemail. I just hope they were calling to tell me that all is well with my connection.

The next test is tonight, when I will power cycle my modem and see what happens, whether I can get a proper connection again.

OK, connection sux, experiment yielded expected results.
Conclusion: Need to keep modem on for the whole night.


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