Streamyx troubles part dunno what oledi

This is just to remind myself of the condition of my Internet line. Tried to log in at around 7pm or maybe slightly before, but modem cannot connect. Modem log keeps showing the connection attempts but not succeeding - sometimes even showing an authentication failed error. Gave up and had dinner.

After dinner, went to check up on connection status, and it seems to have connected. I'm not sure when, but connection was established during dinnertime. Line was pretty slow up until around 10pm something, my guess is that the congestion started to ease up during that time.

Managed to play some online game without interruptions until the weeeeeeee hours. At least the connection did not drop during the heavy rain and wind we're having right now.

Alright, need to sleep, bcos Hobbycon is in 8 hours time (more or less).


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