Streamyx troubles

Greetings humans...

Warning: long wall of text ahead.

I haven't been updating here because of Streamyx troubles that has been brewing for the past few months. First signs of trouble was about 3 months ago (around August / September) when the Internet seemed a bit sluggish, but I brushed that off as congestion problem. It seemed to get worse and worse until around the end of October, I couldn't even log in.

Made a call to TM's help line around the 5th or 6th of October, and they tried to sort it out on their end, but problem still persisted. A couple of days later the call centre people called up again to see if the problem was fixed, but alas nothing was done.

A few days after that (or was it the following week) a TM technician finally called up to say there was a fault with my connection and he did some repairs, but unfortunately, the problems still persisted. He also mentioned he's gonna transfer my line to another area to ease the congestion. Another problem he mentioned was that they had a fault in the connection hub or whatchamacallit and that may be resolved by the end of the month. Oh great, almost 1 month of Internet starvation I thought to myself. He added that I could probably get some kind of rebate from TM because of this problem. In the meantime, the call centre people kept checking on me to ask about the connection, but all I can say is that the connection sux (not in those words, mind you).

Sometime last weekend, another technician called up to ask me about my connection again, and I mentioned all that was mentioned before. This time, he said that this problem is not an isolated problem, but quite a number of people around my area also complained of slow internet connection. The technicians were also waiting for some kind of equipment that will only arrive maybe in the 1st week of December (ugh...) and the repairs might only be done mid December. I asked about the rebate in my bill, and he said I'll have to take it up with the TM Point people in Tanjung Aru Plaza (WTF? It's not automatic? They don't communicate with each other?).

As of today, the connection seems to be more stable, meaning it didn't crap out when it rains. I did receive a call from the call centre people today informing me about some repairs that the technicians have made. This time it seems the repairs were a bit more effective. According to my modem log, my modem hasn't disconnected ever since I switched on the modem a few hours ago. Let's hope it gets better soon.

I have crappy Internet for few months which killed my blogging mood, TM technicians finally did some effective repairs (I think) recently. Hope my connection improves.


maslight said…
So it's all gewd now? Quack
Chucky said…
seems to be ok for 2 days oledi. need further testing

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