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Hi all, and welcome back to another edition of the dusty blog *koff koff*.

As a guy, I've been using razors for quite a number of years, but not all razors are built the same. Some razors can whisk off your facial hair and leave baby smooth skin behind, while others leave much to be desired when it comes to product satisfaction.

Today I'm gonna take a quick peek at two razors that I've used: both are disposable razors, but one is a generic brandless razor, while the other one comes from a popular razor manufacturer.

Now why would I want to compare these two razors? Well, I had the unfortunate "privilege" of using the crummy brandless razor and it made me feel like I was trying to shave using a dull Bowie knife. I thought to myself: what's the difference between the two? They both feel sharp, but why does one perform better than the other? So I decided to photograph them.

Also gives me an excuse to do some macro shooting :D

Here we have the two contenders:
On the left, the brandless razor, and on the right, the branded razor.

They both have twin blades, as well as a lubricated strip on top, but the branded razor has a trick up its sleeve: a pivoting head - so it follows the contour of your face while you shave.

Lets have a closer look:

Nothing unusual about it, but let's take a REALLY closer look:

We can see some imperfections on the plastic on the left razor, and the clean plastic on the right razor.

Here's another shot of the blades:

As I mentioned earlier, using the branded razor is a joy, while using the brandless razor can only be described as an exercise in self-torture. I think it has something to do with the angle of the blades, as well as the distance of the blades from the plastic housing to the skin. The blades on the branded razor feels like they want to come out and cut something, while the brandless razor's blades seem a bit stunted :P

So there you have it folks. If you want to enjoy shaving, avoid getting some cheap brandless razors that will make you cry, no matter how much lube you use.

On another note, I'll show you my kludge on lens stabilisation using two tripods in the next update :D


maslight said…
owez use nice razors, who cares about the price orz.
clerence said…
punya clear tu o
Chucky said…
I actually had a mini workout trying to set up the shot: plenty of squats, a couple dozen lunges, and some zen meditation trying to arrange the razors.
Nex said…
Real Men™ shaves with a Bowie knife. A REALLY REALLY sharp Bowie knife.

Anything else, is for sissies :P

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