La Salle Dinner 2010

I attended the 49th iteration of La Salle's annual dinner this year, along with Edgar. This year, the dinner was held in the new Star City Convention Centre (Star City was known previously as Kompleks Asia City).

The air conditioning there was super cold, most likely because the place was new, and it was a rainy evening.

This year, the guest of honour was Y.B. Tuan Donald Peter Mojuntin.

I wasn't really interested in "covering" this event... I was more interested in the food :P So everything you see was shot from my table. As luck would have it, it was one of the tables next to the stage, which was a curse and a blessing. The good thing was: we had an unobstructed view of the stage. The bad thing: we were seated right in front of the damn loudspeakers!

Here's the menu:

  • Four Hot and Cold Combination (Jellyfish or was it seaweed, and some fish sticks)
  • Shark's fin soup with crab meat (I don't think they use real shark's fins anymore)
  • Roasted chicken (standard fare)
  • Fish with Sliced Mango (Fish fillet with mango, but some of the thicker pieces were not cooked thoroughly)
  • Prawn with Tomato Paste (Normal prawn cooked with tomato sauce, but hard to eat, because we didn't want to use our fingers, as there was no lime bowl to wash our hands with)
  • Fried rice with Chicken Floss
  • Black Mushroom with Broccoli (basically just veggies)
  • Honeydew Sago drink (cold)
  • (and free chinese tea)

OK, never mind all that... here's a shot of everyone singing the school rally:

There were around 70-80 tables, I think for this year's dinner. Some of the La Sallians:

There was beer on sale, and some of the proceeds from the beer sales went to the school Alumni. Corkage per table was RM50.00 (for those who brought their own booze). I didn't drink anything alcoholic, because I had a dull headache the whole day and I didn't want to aggravate it further.

Anyway, if I recall correctly, class of 1975 had the most number of new Lifetime Members registered this year, and class of 1982 walked away with both the largest turnout by number of attendees, as well as largest turnout by percentage. But don't quote me on that, better wait for official sources because my brain was frozen and throbbing the whole night, it might have recorded things differently :P


Amy C said…
mostly veterans liao...r u guys the only young la sallian there? eheheheheeeee.....
Chucky said…
Mostly oldies, but there were some young'uns (class 2000) who attended. For my year, I think I was the only one :P

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