Music Fest 2010 at The Tip of Borneo

Let's see how to begin...

We had a little road trip up to Kudat on the 3rd of July 2010 to catch the music festival which was held at the Tip Of Borneo (actually Simpang Mengayau). The plan was: go to Kudat on Saturday (3rd July), catch the musical performance in the evening, spend the night in Kudat (since I'm not keen to drive down to KK in the dark) then return to Kota Kinabalu the following day.

The day started by me picking up Daniel and Pol to go grab breakfast at McDonald's in town. There we met up with another two people who were going with us: Shariff and DaSaru. There were another 4 people on this trip, but they were having breakfast elsewhere.

Long story short: we made our way to Kudat town in around 3 hours of non-stop driving from KK to Kudat. I didn't stop at Kota Belud nor Kota Marudu since we were fine, but by the time we reached Kudat, my body was starting to get a bit stiff.

Here, we've checked into the hotel (Hotel Grace Garden) in Kudat, and we're waiting for Lt. Danial Maran so we could go grab lunch.

Yes, we had lunch at 3pm.

After lunch, we strolled around the esplanade, snapping photos of the surrounding area:

Err...this was also supposed to be artistic :P

Around 4 something, we decided to make our move to Simpang Mengayau for the music fest. I took the road that was still not completed. It still had a little gravel stretch, but that didn't prove much trouble for the Invader heh heh.

We made it to the place with some time to spare, but the number of cars at the venue told us that finding parking would not be an easy matter. We actually parked somewhere downhill, and used some rocks to wedge the tyres to prevent rolling.

Anyway, here's a view of the audience seating:

Notice the umbrellas and assorted things held up to shield themselves from the sun? Yes, the audience was facing the setting inferno we call the sun.

The music fest had a lot of guests, most notably Datuk Masidi Manjun, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Sabah. Wait, I think his ministry had a hand in organising this gig...

The MC for the performance ( I forgot his name...)

Then I spotted this little scene while I was trying to look for my friends:

A wedding couple picked this spot to do their photoshoot :D

Anyway, as a warm up performance, Roger Wang, accompanied by a 5 piece band (including himself) started the ball rolling.

This is Roger:

A few more VIPs also came:

And on with the show:

They seemed to like it, especially the grinning one.

Tourists, both domestic and foreign also came for the performance.

After the performance finished at around 7 pm (it was only a 2 hour show), a few of us went to the rocky outcrop to see the tip of Borneo.

Some even had personal face time with the tip of Borneo...

Later, we made our way back to our hotel, but this time I followed the buses, which took the other road back to Kudat. This time it was all smooth, with no gravel.

The next morning, we all had breakfast together at one of the coffee shops near our hotel. While waiting for the food to arrive, I passed my lens to Mr. Cubex to try, but all he did was fondle it a bit; he didn't even put it on his sister's camera to test.

Maslight, sister of cubex was even worse. She wouldn't even want to touch the lens, fearing that it will drive her to the ends of her sanity (or something like that...)



maslight said…
The lens is evil. It'll suck the life out of me T_T
d1n0za said…
Cool shots Chucky! I must make a point to try attend next year's Music Festival.
Chucky said…
@Massy... the lens is calling you... heh heh heh...

@d1n0za - thanks! Although the performance is free, you still need to shed blood and sweat before you enjoy it :D
bubbleberry said…
i saw something really evil!!!! :p
Chucky said…
What did you see, bubbleberry?
Cath J said…
awesome pictures and event..

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