Raining in KK again

Hai, the weather these few months have been like this:

SUPER HOT in the mornings, then


An interesting thing you can do in Google Earth is to view the cloud cover over any respective area. The "Clouds" setting is somewhere inside the "Weather" category in the lower left, so you can toggle it on or off to save on the amount of detail the program has to load for you.

I'm not sure how up-to-date is the cloud data, it could be minutes / hours behind time, but it does give you a pretty general idea on what is hanging over your head.

This screencap from Google Earth shows that the east coast of Sabah is under heavy cloud cover, but the west coast (Kota Kinabalu) only has a sprinkling of clouds. I just captured this image a few minutes ago while the cats, dogs and elephants are raining down on Kota Kinabalu (my location), so I'm pretty sure this cloud cover image is a bit behind time.

So, get ready your brollies and dry clothes.


Edgar said…
the elephants are innocent!
Chucky said…
No dogs, cats and especially elephants were harmed in the writing of this post.

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